OMTEX CLASSES: Emerging Modes of Business

Emerging Modes of Business

1. In e – business payments have to be made ____________

(in cash, on credit, online)

2. The term "e – business" is derived from the terms __________ and e – commerce.

(e-mail, e-pay, cash)

3. The transactions under _______________ are between business firms and consumers.

(C to C, B to C, B to B)

4. The process of contracting a business function to someone else is called as ______________

(e – business, outsourcing, trading)

5. For online transaction ______________ is required.

(trading, registration, business)

6. The online shopper can pick and drop the things in the _________

(shopping mall, shopping cart, shopping bag)

7. An electronic facility of transferring funds through the internet is ____________ transfer.

(cash, net banking, credit)

8. Credit or Debit Cards are popularly known as '______________ Money'

(paper, plastic, polymer)

9. In bigger shops situated in shopping malls or branded stores, there is a __________ terminal.


10. Wedding Planning is an example of _________________

(corporate organisation, outsourcing, buying and selling of gods)