OMTEX CLASSES: Heterotrophic nutrition.

Heterotrophic nutrition.

1. Heterotrophic nutrition is the mode of nutrition in which organisms depend on other organisms for their food. Such organisms are called heterotrophs.
2. Different organisms use different strategies to obtain food depending upon their body design, organization, functioning and also availability of food material. Eg. :
(a) Fungi like yeast, mushroom and some carnivorous plants break down the food material into simple substances outside the body and then absorb it.
(b) Some organisms take in whole food and then break it down to simple substances inside their bodies and then absorb it. Eg. human being, cat, cow etc.
(c) Some animals and plants derive nutrition from other plants or animals without killing them but during the process they harm the host plant or animal. Eg. cuscuta, ticks, lice, leeches, tapeworms etc.