Mobile phones should be banned in schools.

View: Mobile is a big distraction- Being young, students tend to misuse it- Some are addicted to games and SMS.

Counterviews: In this modern era, when electronic equipment forms such an integral part of our lives, it is foolish, and even, cruel to say that mobile phones should be banned in schools. I do agree  that students may and do make unnecessary use of the mobile to send messages and play video games. However, the mobile is a very important means of communication. What if there is a sudden crisis? What if a student has no means of  getting transport to reach home because of rains are some other reason? What if a student faces some difficulty or problem on the way home or in school and needs to get in touch with his or her family immediately? What if some stranger harasses a student on the way home? There are many occasions when the mobile becomes an important accessory to possess. There can be a rule enforced that students must keep their mobiles switched off during school hours. This will ensure that the mobile is not misused during learning periods. However, banning the mobile completely would leave the student completely cut off from his or her family or friends during times when the student is facing a serious problem. Hence, I completely disagree with the suggestion that mobiles should be banned in schools.

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