The TV set should be thrown away.

View: watching TV affects the imaginative power of the children- It also affects the thinking capacity. No wonder it is called the ‘idiot box’- It is a sheer waste of time- TV watching is mostly done at the cost of good habits like reading.

Counterviews: TV is wonderful invention, and like any other invention it must not be misused. For that matter, bookworms are not better than couch potatoes. As far imaginative power, there is no conclusive evidence to prove that TV adversely affects the imaginative power. On the contrary, the viewers are exposed to fantastic visuals and they, in turn, trigger of the imagination. Further there are a good number of programs which challenge the thinking power of the viewer. We all know that quiz programmes where great hits on TV. Many such programmes have participatory elements and they, in my view, enhance our thinking skills. Reading habit among children may be on the decline. For reasons we must look elsewhere. Throwing the TV set out of the window is not a solution. And then again, there are good books and bad books. Reading trash is as bad as watching poor quality TV programmes. All these boils down to one thing: reading, watching TV, playing games are all parts of our life. Too much of anything is bad, and that goes for TV also.

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