Economics March 2019 Board paper Solution

Economics March 2019 Board paper Solution 

Economics 9th March 2019, HSC XIIth Board Paper.

Q. 1. A. Fill in the blanks using appropriate alternatives given in the brackets: [16]

(1) _________ is regarded as the father of 'Economics'.
(Prof. Marshall / Adam Smith / Ragner Frisch / Robbins)

(2) The demand for perishable goods is _______
(elastic / inelastic / unit elastic / perfectly inelastic)

(3) ___________ consumption cannot be zero.
(Induced / Autonomous / Government / Private)

(4) The e - banking facility is provided through _________
(telephone / debit card / internet / credit card)

(5) The duration of government budget is _________ years.
(one / two / five / ten)

Q. 1. B. Match the following words from group 'A' and 'B'. (5)

Group 'A'
Group 'B'
(a) Prestigious goods
(1) Average cost
(b) Total Revenue / Total Quantity
(2) Transfer payment
(c) Labour
(3) Qualitative credit control.
(d) Unemployment allowance
(4) Rent
(e) Direct action
(5) Quantitative credit control.

(6) Exception to the law of demand.

(7) Wages

(8) Average revenue.

(C) State whether the following statements are True or False: [5]

(1) Demand for luxurious goods is elastic. (True)
(2) Stock is a source of supply. (True)
(3) There is no price discrimination in monopoly. (False)
(4) In the initial stage of human civilisation commodity money was used. [True]
(5) Loans given by banks for a period of less than five years is known as long - term loan. [False]
(6) The main objective of the central bank is to earn profit. [False]

Q. 2. A. Define 'or' explain the following concepts. (Any Three) [6]

(B) Give reasons or explain the following. (Any Three) [6]

Q. 3. A. Distinguish between the following. (Any Three) (6)

(B) Write short notes. (Any Two) [6]

Q. 4. A. Answer the following questions. (Any Three) 12

Q. 5. State with reasons whether you 'agree' or 'disagree' with the following statements. (Any Three) 12

Q. 6. Write explanatory answers. (Any Two) 16

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