Write your own ‘ten’ or ‘teen’ commandments for teenagers on behalf of your parents or teachers. Try to cover different areas:

Use the words ‘must’ or ‘should ‘ for each sentence that you frame.

Personal hygiene
household duties
Spending free time
following a timetable
value of money
Outdoor activites

(1)    Parents must provide  us with a nourishing and balanced diet.
(2)    Parents should spend free time with us.
(3)    Parents should involve us in household duties.
(4)    Parents and teachers must advise us about personal hygiene.
(5)    Parents and teachers must correct us for bad behaviour.
(6)    Parents and teachers should provide us with opportunities for outdoor activities.
(7)    Teachers should have a modest and respectable appearance.
(8)    Parents should teach us about the value of money.

(9)    Parents should guide us in following a timetable.

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