Write a dialogue between two students discussing their choice of a career.

Neeraj : Hello , Hansel . It’s been a long time since we’ve met . How are you ?

Hansel : Oh , I’ve been fine . Busy looking up the newspaper trying to decide on a career ! What about you ?

Neeraj : Well , I’ve been doing this and that . Oh , and yes , I too have been scouring the classified section of the newspapers. What have you decided on ?

Hansel : I’ve not decided on anything so far , but I’m considering teaching or the law .

Neeraj : Oh , is that so ? Well , you’ve always been a good student and a good speaker . You’ve also got a sharp mind for details . I think any one of these careers would be good for you .

Hansel :  And what about you ?

Neeraj :  I’ve always been good at mathematics and so am considering studying to be a Chartered Accountant .

Hansel : That’s a good line as any , but you will have to study Economics and Book Keeping , which are definitely not my piece of cake .

Neeraj :  Well , each to his own .  Let’s see what the future holds for us . Best of luck in your endeavours!

Hansel :  Wish you the same.

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