Write about Hitler's internal policy.

1)       Adolf Hitler aimed at converting Germany into Nazi nation.
2)       He got rid of all his political opponents by using his spies (spy) called Gestapo.
3)       A ban imposed on press and media was systematically used to glorify (praise) Hitler and Nazism.
4)       The academic curriculum was revised, discarding all thoughts of communism and socialism and there started an edification (teaching) of Hitler and Nazism in all levels of education.
5)       Hitler's commands were binding on all and the entire Nazi system was made up of loyal members of Hitler.
6)       In order to revive economy, Hitler introduced several economic reforms improving industrial and agricultural production and trade was encouraged.
7)       The owners of the industries were not allowed to shut down as the Nazi government had the final decision in the disputes between workers and owner.
8)       Scientific and industrial researches were given stimulus.
9)       Price controls were introduced and incentives were provided for workers.
10)   Hitler also executed millions of Jews following the policy of anti Semitism.

11)   Thus, the entire German nation became the ardent supporter of Nazism and Hitler.