4.1 Old Women

4.1 Old Women

They whisper like drizzles
as they roam the street
with a lost gaze as though
something they had thrown up
never returned to earth

They shiver like December nights
in their dreamless sleep on shop verandahs.

Q.1 Why are old women seen roaming aimlessly?
Ans: The old women are seen roaming aimlessly because they are not taken care of.

Q. 2 What role do your grandparents play in your life?
Ans: Our grandparents play a vital role in our life.They keep family united.They take care of us.

Q. 3 which lines reveal the loneliness of the old women?
Ans: "as they roam the street with a lost gaze

Q. 4 Find out an example of Simile.

Ans: "They whisper like drizzles" "They shiver like December nights"