!. A. (i) Portuguese King Henry motivated the navigation.

(ii) Triple Alliance Agreement was signed between Germany, Austria and Italy.

(iii) Upto 18th Century Africa was regarded as a dark continent.

1. B.  (i) Scientist Godard - Father of Missiles Science.

(ii) Adolf Hitler - Nazi Party

(iii) Father Gapon - March to the Royal palace in St. Petersburg.

2. Answer the following questions in 25 to 30 words each: (any two)

3. Give reasons for the folloiwng statements in 25 to 30 words each. (Any Two)

4. Answer the following questions in 30 to 40 words each: (any two)

5. Answer the following questions in 60 to 80 words each. (any two) (8)

6. Fill in the blanks with a suitable word from those given in the brackets:

(i) India had indirect form of Democracy.

(ii) China is a country homogeneous in the case of language.

(iii) Extreme inequality endangers democracy.

7. Answer the following questions in one sentence each. (any three) (3)

(i) When is referendum adopted?

A referendum is adopted to know the public opinion on some important public issues, thus involving the people in the decision making process.

(ii) what is regional inequality?

In many countries, some regions are more developed that other regions and some are less developed. This is called as regional inequality.

(iii) What is the main aim of the Political Party?

The main aim of the political parties is to secure and / or retain power.

(iv) Name any two religions existing in India.

Hindy, Muslim, Sikh, Buddha, Jain, Christian, Zaroastrian and Jew live in India.

(v) State any one difference between ruling party and the opposition party.

The party which wins the majority of seats in the election is known as ruling party whereas the party which is not able to get the majority seats is known as the opposition party.

(8) State whether the following statements are True or False with reasons: (Any Two) (4)

(i) Nationalist Congress Party is regional Party.

(i) This statement is false

(i) Nationalist Congress party is recognised as a national party by the Election Commision.

(ii) National Party needs recognition as state party in atleast four states.

(iii) National Congress Party has influence in maharashtra, meghalaya, Manipur, nagaland and Assam.

(ii) Caste system is like a hierarchy.

This statement is ture:

(i) Indian society consists of castes.

(ii) Caste system is like a hierarchy, in which some castes are supposed to be upper and some lower.

(iii) Traditional caste system even treated some castes as untouchables.

(iii) There are no restriction on citizens holding arms in US.

This statement is true


(1) The American Constitution upholds the right to life and personal liberty.

(2) It has granted the right to hold arms to the citizens.

9. Answer any one of the following questions in 25 to 30 words. (3)