Fill in the blanks

1. ______ is the ratio of mass to volume.

*2. On heating solids get converted into _________ and _________ get converted to gases. 

*3. We usually find matter in__________, __________ and __________ forms. 

4. Matter has ________ and _______ 

5. _____________ is physical quantity which expresses the amount of matter in a body. 

6. Phases describes a ________ state of matter. 

7. The mass per unit volume of substance is called _____________. 

8. The phase or state of matter can change when the ______ changes 

9. The process by which solid gets converted into liquid state at a fix temperature is __________. 

10. In the process of _______ solid gets directly into gaseous state without undergoing to through the liquid state. 

*11. ________and__________ are sublimatory substance. 

12. The boiling point of water is _________. 

13. Water freezes at ______ oF and Boils at _______ oF 

14. A fourth state of matter is called as ___________. 

15. ___________ is the process by which liquids gets converted into gaseous form at any temperature below its boiling point. 

16. Ice floats on water since ________. 

17. The atom in a crystal are arranged in a regular repeating pattern called ______.

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