Rewrite the following statements by selecting the correct options.

1. ______________ a definite shape a) Solids have b) plasma has c) Liquids have d) gases have 

2. The physical state of water at 0o C is __________. a) Solid b) liquid c) gas d) none of these 

3. The fifth state of matter is______________. a) Plasma b) gas c) Bose-Einstein condensate d) liquid 

4. The substance which does not sublime on heating is ___________. a) Camphor b) ammonium chloride c) phosphorus d) iodine 

5. The change from solid to vapour directly is called______. a) Vaporization b) sublimation c) condensation d) regelation 

6. The change from vapour to liquid is called ________. a) Condensation b) regelation c) sublimation d) melting 

7. _____________ has neither a definite shape nor a definite volume a) Solid b) plasma C) liquid d) gas 

8. Inter molecular spaces are maximum in the particles of _________. a) Oxygen b) alcohol c) wood d) iodine

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