Write a report of a traffic jam you have seen in your town /city

Traffic Jam in Most of the Places in Mumbai.

Mumbai,  October 7 : Yesterday , from  4 p.m. to 10 p.m., hundreds of trucks , tankers , cars and two – wheelers were caught in the traffic Checking from Mohmad Ali Road to Vashi Bridge Junction and from Sion Bridge to  CST Lamington Road Market . It was learnt from reliable sources that the situation had been caused by a political procession. Matters became worse as the traffic was at its peak during those hours. Many vehicle owners Who tried to avoid the traffic jam by using the interior roads and lanes found themselves going in circles. It took the motorists almost an hour and a half to reach Lamington Road Market from Sion Bridge . The traffic police found it difficult to maintain order. Ajith Kumar, a taxi driver, said, “ I have been driving from the past 12 years but I have never witnessed a traffic jam of this proportion .”

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