Write a report on the celebration of ‘Grandparents ‘ Day ‘ in your school . The report is to be carried later in your school ‘s monthly magazine .

                                     Grandparents' Day at Model  English  High  School

          Mumbai, Dharavi, 9 October  :  Grandparents' Day was celebrated on the first Sunday of this month in Model English High School . What inspired the students of class X to organize the event is a poem titled  ‘ Our Treasure ‘ in their English textbook . The particular day was selected as it is celebrated as Grandparents ‘ Day worldwide .

          More than fifty grandparents turned up for the event and they were welcomed  with roses and shawls . The function began at nine in the morning with Mrs. Jeya, the senior most of them all , lighting the lamp .

          There were storytelling session , poem recitation and of course , the inevitable speeches . Some read out their own poems . Among the speeches , Miss . Rhea ‘s was quite outstanding as she warmed to the theme of the poem  ‘ Our Treasure ‘ . She appealed to all her fellow students to live up to the spirit of the poem and treat the elderly as the greatest resource of our nation .

          Snacks were then served and the Headmaster personally greeted each grandparent .  At the end,  a vote of thanks was proposed by the perfect . It was indeed a highly emotional and satisfying morning .

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