You are Anand Sinha of 29, Gandhi Nagar Patna. You bought a Laptop of Dell from M/s Computers House, 34, The Mall Patna. The Laptop has developed some defects. Write a letter to the M/s Computers House complaining about the quality of the Laptop giving bill and guarantee card no.

29, Gandhi Nagar,
20th Jan, 2011.

M/s Computer House,
34, The Mall,

Subject: - Complaint Regarding Laptop


I Purchased a Laptop P-7  of Dell from your shop vide bill no. C-342 dated 20th Jan, 2011 worth Rs. 48000/-. The Laptop worked/functioned well for a fortnight. I am regretted to inform you that the laptop is not functioning well. The screen goes blank for a while & then contrast increases automatically. The Key Pads are very hard. It has one year warranty. You are requested to replace the defective piece.

Yours sincerely,

Anand Sinha

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