Information Communication Technology
Time : 2 Hours                   Std. X                    Marks: 40

Q1. Fill in the blanks and rewrite the sentences in answer sheet. (5)

1) The _____________ of the blog is able to control the contents posted on the blog.

2) Simulation creates _______________ model of a system.

3) EDI means _________________

4) In ________________ keyboard the word or characters are to be typed according to pronounciation.

5) In Geogebra, the tool used for hiding the axes is _____________-

Q2. State true or False: (5)

1) Input bar is not used to input data required for calculations and geometric constructions.

2) Unicode is also known as Universal Alphabet.

3) NEFT stands for National Electronic Fund Transfer.

4) Simulations is not flexible.

5) VOIP stands for Voice Internet Protocol.

Q3. Multiple choice single Answer Questions: (6)

1) _______________ is the Information Highway.
a) Information Technology
b) Data
c) Information gathering
d) Internet

2) A computer modeling is the representation of _____________ dimensional objects on computer.
a) one
b) two
c) three
d) four

3) _____________ are responsible of arresting spam attacks.
a) Topics
b) Posts
c) Moderators
d) User groups.

4) The google translate ________________ allows to view web pages available in other languages.
a) Search element
b) web element
c) Engine
d) Indexing

5) ASCII is ____________ system which assigns number to each letter, number of character.
a) developing
b) encoding
c) supporting
d) working

6) In Geogebra tool used for measurement of interior angle is ______________
a) histogram
b) slope tool
c) angle tool
d) area tool

Q4. Multiple choice two answer questions (any 2) (4)

1) Integral parts of Forum are _____________
a) Administration section
b) Teacher
c) User group
d) Post

2) A computer model refers to the _____________ and ____________ used to capture the behaviour of the system being modulated.
a) Algorithm
b) Equations
c) Program
d) Summation

3) Communication network includes ____________ and ______________
a) global information
b) telephone
c) cable
d) reprocessing

4) ____________ and _____________ are map layers.
a) wikipedia
b) google
c) traffic
d) webcams


Q5. Answer in brief (any 6) (12)

Q6. Answer the following (any 2)  (8)

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