Write in detail on the imperialism in Africa?

1)       The sailing of Bartholomew Dias, the Portuguese sailor, towards the Cape of Good Hope brought the African continent to the notice of European nations.
2)       The trade of slaves carried on by Europeans brought the European nations in association with the coastal region of Africa.
3)       Africa was known as the unknown or Dark Continent as the westerners did not have any idea of the interiors of the African Continent.
4)       In the second half of the 19th century, the courageous European travelers Mungo Park, Captain Speke, Samuel Baker, David Livingstone, and Stanley discovered the regions belonging to the basins of the Nile, the Niger, the Congo and the Zambezi rivers in Africa.
5)       The travelogue by American Stanley, an American journalist woke up a curiosity in the European people regarding Africa.
6)       There began the competition the European nations among the capturing the best regions of Africa.
7)       By 1870, England had set up colonies in the coastal regions of Cape, Natal, Lagos, and Gold Coast in Gambia, Sudan, Uganda, Rhodesia, East Africa, Nigeria and Egypt.
8)       France had colonized Algeria, French Guinea, Ivory Coast, the Senegal basin, the Sahara desert, Madagascar Island and Morocco.
9)       Portugal brought under its control Mozambique, Angola.
10)   The Dutch set up colonies in Cape colony, Natal, and Transvaal 
11)    By the Principle of 'Effective possession' agreed in the Berlin Conference held in 1884, king Leopold's possession of the region in Congo of Belgium was given consent (permission) to erect colony in the Congo River basin.
12)   Barring Ethiopia and Liberia, the entire African continent was colonized by the European nations.

13)   Thus, the African nations remained under the foreign rule for years to come. They were exploited in various waays by the European nations which grew richer.