Write about the constructive effects of imperialism?

The imperial tendency of dominating the regions belonging to other's possession had a lashing influence on the world's history. The constructive effects of imperialism were as follows.
1)       Physical Reformation: -
a.       In order to control the colonies, the European nations started reformation which consisted in making of roads for quick military movement and internal transportation, railway, post, telegraph, aeroplanes, canals, etc.
b.       As the colonizers stood to gain these facilities, so did he the local people.
2)       Spread of Education: -
a.       For the sake of a prosperous business and propagation of Christianity and at some places out of humanitarian interest education was given a boost.
b.       Instead of importing educated people from their native place, the colonizers began to educate the local people for raising qualified manpower necessary in assisting administration.
3)       Intellectual Change: -
a.       There began an intellectual exchange among the people belonging to different parts of the world.
b.       The colonization also initiated the colonized people into the principles of liberty, equality and fraternity and the philosophies of nationalism, socialism, communism and democracy.
4)       National Integrity: -
a.       The imperial nations brought various parts of the colonies under one region.
b.       This centralized governing system integrated the colonies.
c.        The imperial nations brought the scattered regions under one banner and established one governing system, uniform rules and regulations and one legal system.
d.       Consequently, these came into being national integrity.

5)       Rise of new leadership: -
a.       The European nations created their domination of the nations in Asia and Africa.
b.       The royal regime and the feuds of the colonies were put down and there were brought about monopolite government.
c.        The progressive minded members of the middle class led many struggles for freedoms.