Types of specialized Mail services?

Introduction: -Post offices also offer various mail services having some extra advantages like sending mails faster, ensuring certainty of delivery of mails, compensating the sender in case of loss or damage to the mail during transit, etc. one can avail of the benefit of all these facilities by paying additional postage.

1.       UPC (under postal certificate): -When ordinary letters are posted, the post office does not issue any receipt because we generally drop in the letterbox of the post office in the locality. However, if a sender wants to have proof that actually the letters are posted, then a certificate can be obtained from the post office on payment of prescribed fee. This is called "certificate of posting'. UPC is written on the face of the envelope.

2.       Registered Post: -The post office offers registered post facility through which one can send our letters and parcels. These mails are handed over to the post office affixing additional postage as registration charge. On receiving the mail the post office immediately issues a receipt to the sender, which also serves as a proof that the mail has been posted. "Acknowledgement Due Card" can be sent along with the registered mail. This form is signed by the receiver (addressee) on delivery of the article and returned to the sender by post.

3.       Insured Post: -While mails are in transit they can get damaged or lost, resulting in a loss to the sender. In case of ordinary letters, registered letters or parcels, post office cannot be held liable for any loss or damage to the article. However, there is a stipulation (condition) that a sender can cover the letter or parcel, so that, in case of any loss or damage to the letter or parcel, the post office shall compensate for it.

4.       Speed Post: -Sometimes because of some urgency or to avoid delay we want our mail should reach the addressee at the earliest. Here post office provides time-bound as well as guaranteed mail delivery through its Speed Post Services. Under this service, letters, documents and parcels are delivered faster i.e. within a fixed time frame. This facility is available at specific post offices. The post office charges relatively more postage for speed post than that of ordinary mail and it varies according to distance.

5.       Post Restante: -When it is necessary to send letter to a person whose exact address is not known you can send it to the postmasters of that area in which the receiver resides. These letters are called Post Restante Letters. While sending such letters you have to specifically mention post restante' or 'care of postmaster' on the face of the letters.

6.       VPP (Value Payable by Post: -The value payable by post is for the persons who wish to pay for articles sent to them at the time of receipt of the articles and also to meet the requirements of traders and others who wish to recover through the agency of post office, the value of the articles supplied by them. The amount specified for (Payment) remittance to the sender should not exceed Rs 1000.