OMTEX CLASSES: North Indian Mountains

North Indian Mountains

Q 1 . A. Complete the following sentences using words from the brackets. 

1. The __________________ range is considered as the world's highest mountain range. 
(Himalaya, Aravalli, Satpuda, Nilgiri)

2. ______________ is a most continuous, loftiest and northernmost range of Himalaya. 
(Shiwalik, Aravalli, Himadri, Himachal)

3. The forest soils are ____________ in colour. 
(dark yellow, dark brown, dark red, pink)

4. ______________ is the major land use in Indian Himalayan region. 
(Agriculture, Transportation, Snow cover, Forest cover)

B. Match the words from column 'A' with column 'B'. 

Column 'A'
Column 'B'
1. The Karakoram
a. High altitude desert
2. K – 2
b. Heavily glaciated
3. Ladakh
c. Source of Indus
4. Mansarovar
d. Second highest peak of the world.
5. Subansiri
e. Zaskar Range

f. Tributary of Brahmaputra

Q2. A. Give geographical reasons.

B. Write short notes.

Q3. Answer the following questions in detail.

3. What are the characteristics of tourism in the Himalayan region.

Q 4 . Mark and name the following on the outline map of India with a suitable index. 

1. Purvanchal. 

2. K2

3. Western Himalayas

4. Sikkim Himalayas

5. Wular Lake

6. Nanda Devi Peak