OMTEX CLASSES: Physics – Section II – Science- Important Question Bank for Maharashtra Board HSC 2016 Examination

Chapter 10. Wave theory of light

1.Wavefront-content- spherical-Plane

2. diagram-Reflection & Refraction

3. Brewster’s law Numericals.

Chapter 11. Interference and diffraction

1.Conditions -­‐Steady interference pattern- Constructive- destructive interference Patterns

2. Ray diagram- Biprism experiment – Diminished & magnified Images

3. Diffraction – Single Slit-Width of central Maximum

4. Microscope & Telescope-equation for resolving power.

Chapter 12. Electrostatics

1.Mechanical force per unit area-energy density of a medium-diagram-Proof

2. Dielectrics & Polarization – diagram & Explanation of polar and non polar Molecules (E=0 & E‡ 0)

3. van-de- Graaff generator – Diagram, construction and  Working

Chapter 13.Current electricity

1.Wheatstone’s Network- condition & Experiment (Difference)

2.Principle of Potentiometer – Four point

3. Potentiometer–­‐Numericals.

Chapter 14.  Magnetic effects of electric current

1.Application of Ampere’s Law-Proof-(3)

2. Cyclotron- Diagram,Construction, Working and formulas

Chapter 15. Magnetism

1.Magnetic dipole moment of revolving electron-Different formulas

2. Magnetisation & Magnetic intensity – definition and Formulas.

Chapter 16. Electromagnetic inductions

1.Self & Mutual Induction – definition, Units & Dimensions

2. Transformer – diagram, Construction,Working formulas.

3.Applications -L,C,R, only (Phase relations)

4. Power in resistive circuit & in LCR Circuit

Chapter 17. Electrons and photons

1.Experimental Study of Photoelectric effect-Circuit diagram,explanation of characteristics.

2. .Einstein’s photoelectric equation- Significance Explanation

Chapter 18. Atoms, Molecules and Nuclei

1.Bohr’s Theory-­‐Postulates,Expression for radius, energy

2. Spectra line- Origin & Different Series

3. Law of radioactive decay-Statement & Proof

4. de Broglie Hypothesis-­‐Different formulas

5. Davisson & Germer Experiment -Diagram & Explanation

Chapter 19. Semiconductors

1..Extrinsic & Intrinsic Semiconductors – P & N-type

2. Forward and Reverse P-N junction diode-diagram & Explanation

3. Transistor action-Definition of α,β.

4. Logic Gates- Symbol, Truth Table

Chapter 20. Communication systems

1.Block diagram of a generalized Communication system & Receiver – Understanding of different terms

2. Earth’s atmosphere Different layers, distances & Contents.

3. Wave propagation-­‐Ground,Sky, & Space

4. Reading of the Chapter in detail.

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