OMTEX CLASSES: Physics – Section I- Important Question Bank for Maharashtra Board HSC Examination

Chapter 1. Circular motion

  1. Acceleration in U.C.M.-Geometrical & Calculus method.
  2. Banking of roads-Diagram, max.velocity expression considering friction.
  3. Conical pendulum-Simple pendulum-Difference in expression for period- Numericals.
  4. Vertical Circular motion-Linear Velocity & Energy at different positions.
Chapter 2. Gravitation
1. Weightlessness condition -Two Cases.
2. Variation  of  ‘g’  due to altitude, latitude, depth & expression & Numerical.
Chapter 3.Rotational  Motion
1. Rolling motion – Different forms
2. parallel and perpendicular axes theorem-Applications for different objects & different axes ( No derivations)
3. Conservation of angular momentum-Vector forms.
Chapter 4. Oscillations
1. Acceleration Velocity & Displacement- -­‐Calculus method,maximum & minimum values.
2. Graphical representation-­‐Starting from mean and extreme Position.
3.  Energy-K.E, P.E, Conservation, graph.
Chapter 5. Elasticity
1. Behavior of metal wire increasing load,graph,definition
2. strain energy – Calculus method, different forms.
Chapter 6. Surface Tension
1.Angle of Contact -­‐Characteristics, Explanation of angles of contact with diagram
2. Drop & Bubble -Calculation of excess pressure (Work done)
3. Rises of liquid in capillary diagram & Proof
Chapter 7. Wave motion
1. Simple harmonic progressive wave-Equation-different forms
2. Formation of beats waxing and waning
3. Doppler effect-Equation and application
Chapter 8. Stationary waves
1.Formation of stationary Waves- Analytical treatment, nodes and antinodes .
2. Mode of Vibration-diagram & Equation
3. Air Column – Diagrams-Open & Closed Pipes – Equation harmonic & Overtones
4. End Correction-Open & Closed pipe
Chapter 9. Kinetic theory of gases and Radiation
1.pressure of a gas -Expression & different forms
2. Expression for KE-per unit volume-­‐per mole-­‐per molecule-­‐ per unit mass.
3. law of Thermodynamics-Zeroth & First and Second law.
4. Spectrum of  black body radiation in term of wavelength-nature of graph-Conclusions from of graph.
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  1. What is non uniform circular motion

    1. For rotating bodies whose angular and tangential acceleration is non - zero and linear and angular velocities change with time. KE varies with time.

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    1. Work done for excess pressure for bubbles is laplacL law

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  6. Centripetal and centrifugal forces

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