Child Labour- A curse

We often see children below 14 year of age labouring in hotel or on streets. Child labour is a very common practice in India. Many attempts have been made by the government to stop child labour. However, children working as domestic helps, nannies, waiters, and even daily wage workers in a very common sight. This deprives children of education and affects their mental, social and physical development. The government will always be the forerunner in eliminating this curse. But it is also our duty as responsible citizens to report about places that encourage child labour. If you see an adolescent working in a hotel or with a contractor, report it to the authorities immediately. Do not encourage families to get young girls as domestic help and nannies from rural areas. Lend a helping hand in pulling them out of this circle and if you can, help them with their education. These children of today, if better educated, will become the successful and proud professionals and represent the country globally tomorrow. Each one, should therefore, enrich one.

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