Letter You are planning to visit Coorg with your family. Invite your friend to join and suggest your plan using the leaflet.


7G, Rainbow Colony,
M.G. Road,
Mumbai - 400017.
1st March, 2017.

Dear Sonia,

Hi dear, please upgrade yourself and use the modern technologies of mobile phone, Whatsapp, facebook messenger. As you know nowadays, nobody is interested in writing a letter to invite their best friend for an outing. It's ok, I just come to matter, I am writing particularly to invite you on a tour to Coorg.

Yesterday, during supper time, My parents have organized a week visit to Coorg. We would be happy if you join us in this tour. There we can visit places like, Pushpagiri and Brahmagiri sanctuaries in Coorg. Cauveri river, tree plantations such as bamboo, sandalwood and rosewood, etc. Not only this much, we shall shop, especially the aromatic spices of Coorg is never to be missed.

Hope, you will take my advice seriously. Next time we will meet in skype and imo to have face to face conversation with your parents. Anyhow, do convey my regards to them and I expect a favourable reply on tour matter.

Your loving friend,


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