Explain benefits of modelling and simulation (any four)

What is modeling? Explain with suitable examples.

Ans- Modeling is a virtual representation of real world systems in the language of mathematical equations. Modeling aim to describe the different aspects of the real systems and their interaction through mathematics. Mathematical equations of a model are translated into computer algorithms the can be treated  and solved by ever powerful computers.


Model are used to quickly explore new solutions and innovations, that can save time and money in the development and validation phases.
For weather prediction, mathematical model of atmospheric motions are based on well know equations and phenomena.

What is simulation?  Explain with suitable examples.

Ans. Simulation is the process of designing a mathematical model of a real or imagined system and conducting experiments with model. It generally refers to a computerized version of model which is run over time to study the implications of the defined interactions. A simulation bring a model to life and shows how a particular object or phenomenon is likely to behave. Simulation proves to be cheaper, safer and faster in all fields of engineering, applied science, medicine, biology, economics and applied mathematics.

Simulation  techniques are used in the designing new efficient systems. Eg: Car engines, complex air routing plan.

Training simulations thoroughly prepare trainee to react to various situations until the correct response are learned. Eg : Flight simulator or ship simulator model dangerous environments and life threatening situations, so that aircraft pilots or a ship officers are well experienced about an aircraft or ship behavior.

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