Welcome  to TALLY! Let us begin by getting an idea of  the  philosophy
behind this product. This awareness will increase your efficiency  and
appreciation of the program, as also indicate the kind of  suggestions
you can make to increase its general utility.

No codes!

The  simplest description of TALLY is financial  Accounting  Software,
which belies the power and sophistication of the system. If a computer
program  can be said to have a heart, then the heart of TALLY  is  the
mechanism  to eliminate the need of CODES. Many of the  facilities  of
TALLY are possible because of this single item.

The  need  of the elimination of codes is simple. The  removal  of  an
additional  layer  of  information between  Accounts  and  the  people
managing  it increases the usage and psychological acceptability of  a
system.  Traditionally, the association of CODES with COMPUTERS was  a
requirement of the archaic computing METHOD, rather than a requirement
of  computers  itself.  Despite  the evolution  of  systems  over  the
years,programmers  have tended to remain with CODES as it  makes  life
for the COMPUTER easier. The question that we have asked is : Are  you
developing software to make life for the COMPUTER easier, or life  for
YOU easier?

No change in methods!

The  principal effort in TALLY has been to prevent you from  requiring
style  of accounting in any manner. Efforts have been made  to  retain
the  flexibility  of a manual system, to permit  the  indiscipline  of
entering  vouchers  at  random,  to  permit  easy  retrieval  of   any
information,  and to correct human errors. Apart from this, power  has
been  added to handle classification of accounts to any level and  any
desired manner, to keep track of outstandings in a completely flexible
style.   to  exercise  fine  control  over  budgets   and   individual
transactions,  to  generate  information based  on  Coast  and  Profit
Centres, and all of it an tremendous speed.

Flexible reports!

In  keeping  with the basic philosophy of NO CHANGE  pains  have  been
taken over the aesthetic presentation of the printed books and reports
to  give  a near duplicate of existing manual  system  of  accounting.
Complete  control over the range and style of balancing,  printing  of
summaries  or details, and even cross-verification of  information  is
provided to give the psychological satisfaction of a perfect system. 

TALLY  comes  with no predefined structure of  accounts  heads.  Every
single aspects is completely controlled by you and therefore will work
identically to your existing system. We strongly advise not to attempt
a  change  in  your  working methods simply to  exploit  some  of  the
additional  power  of  TALLY. It is flexible  enough  to  permit  this
exploitation  at  any future time. Use the system with  your  existing
methods,  and when greater familiarity, understanding  and  confidence

comes, increase your use to power.

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