Ex. no. 1.4
1. Write the following statements in symbolic form. [VIDEO]

    i.        I like reading, but not signing.
   ii.        Yuvraj neither plays cricket not tennis.
  iii.        Rama and Shama are twins.
 iv.        It is not true that ‘I’ is a real number.
  v.        Either 49 is a perfect square or 39 is divisible by 11.
 vi.        Pinky never works hard yet she gets good marks.
vii.        Eventhough it is not cloudy, it is still raining.
viii.        Milk is white if and only if the sky is not blue.

 ix.        If Kutub-minar is in Delhi then Hyderabad is in Andhra Pradesh.

2. Find truth value of the following statements. [VIDEO]

    i.        SEBI office is in Mumbai or Dalalstreet is in London.
   ii.        Neither 21 is a prime number not it is divisible by 3.
  iii.        It is not true that 3-7i is a real number.
 iv.        In a credit transaction, party’s name must be given and single entry system is costly.
  v.        If joint venture is a temporary partnership, then discount on purchases is credited to supplier.
 vi.        Every accountant is free to apply his own accounting rules if and only if machinery is an asset.

3. If p and q are true and r and s are false statements, find the truth value of each of the following. [VIDEO]

(i) p∨(q∧r)
      (ii) (p∧~r)∧(~q∧s)
      (iii) (p→q)∨(r↔s)
      (iv)[(p→q)→(q→r) ]→(r→s)

      (v)[p∨(q∧r) ]∨~[(p∧q)∨(r∨s) ]

4. Assuming that the following statements are true. [VIDEO]

p∶ Yuvraj has sufficient money.
q∶ He will buy a car.
Find the truth values of the following statements.
      Yuvraj has sufficient money and he will buy a car.
      If Yuvraj has sufficient money then he will not buy a car.

      Yuvraj does not have sufficient money or he will buy a car.

5. If p: It is a day time. [VIDEO]
q: it is warm.

Give the verbal statements for the following symbolic statements.
      (i) p∧~q
      (ii) p∨q
      (iii) p→q

      (iv) q↔p

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