OCM Guess Paper For the year 2016

Q.1 (A) Select the correct answer form the possible options given below and rewrite the statements:                5 Marks

1. At least ________ persons are required to form a partnership firm. 
(three, one, two)

2. Obligations are nothing but social responsibilities of                                 . (NGO, Consumer movement, Commercial organisation)

3. The Consumer Protection Act was passed in the year               . 
(1985, 1936, 1986)

4. The Consumer Education Research Centre was established in                          
(1986, 1976, 2006)

5. The Maximum number of coparceners in a joint Hindu Family firm is                         

(7, 5, unlimited)

(B) Match the correct Pairs:   5 Marks
Group A
Group B
1.       Time Study
2.       Controlling
3.       Joint Stock Company
4.       Maharashtra State Co-operative Societies Act
5.       Courier Services

1.       1960
2.       1962
3.       Study the time required to do a job
4.       Study the body movements of the workers
5.       Artificial person
6.       Person
7.       Corrective action taking
8.       All the people are employed
9.       DHL
10.   RBI

(C) Write a word or a phrase or a term which can substitute each of the following statements:                           5 Marks
1.       A consumer dispute redressal agency that handles claims up to Rs. 20 lakh rupees. (District Forum)
2.       The starting point of management function.(Planning) 
3.       Movement supporting consumers for their safety. (Consumer movement) 
4.       Creditors who provide finance to business organization. (Investors) 
5.       Name the modern process of controlling a business function to someone else. (Outsourcing)

Q.2 Distinguish Between: (Any three)  15 Marks

1.       LoanV/S Overdraft

Q.3Write short notes:     (Any three)    15 Marks

1.       Types of Warehouses
3.       Principle of Insurance

Q.4 State with Reasons whether the following statements are True or False: (Any three)       15 Marks

Q.5 Answer the Following:   (Any two)              10 Marks

1.       Role of NGO's in consumer Protection.                


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