1. Check Your Board Time Once Again for any changes in the schedule.

2. Allot comparatively less time for your non - study activities. Like playing, watching T.V. etc. But don't stop doing them.

3. This timetable works best for 4 weeks of time. So prepare for it.

4. Specify on your timetable when (what time and day) you’re going to try some past exam papers.

5. Be specific about this – write down exactly what topics of each subject you’re going to study for when.

6. When you think you’ve finished your timetable, check that it achieves all of the following: You’ve made time to study for every topic of every subject you have an exam for. You’ve allocated time to read over your study notes at least twice before the exam. You can’t rely on remembering everything from writing it down once in your study notes. You’ll need to read over everything at least twice, and probably re-write some of the really important bits.