Explain Google Transliteration.

Ans. Google Transliteration is most useful in India, where many languages and culture are followed.  Google Transliteration can be used to type in many of the Indic scripts, including Marathi. This lets you type these languages phonetically in English script. As soon as you type a space or a punctuation mark, the letters will be converted to the chosen Indic script. The sound of the words is converted from one alphabet to the other, not the meaning.

The transliteration will attempt to match the sounds of the letters as accurately as possible between the two alphabets. As you type, a dropdown list box will show the transliterated text and various options. Usually, the first option is the best. However, if you find it to be incorrect, you can select from the list.

Google Transliteration is built-in and ready to use anywhere on the web, such as Blogger, GMail, Orkut, etc.

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