OMTEX CLASSES: There are many interesting facts about india about which people are unaware .

There are many interesting facts about india about which people are unaware .

Lets learn some of the Facts About India ...
1.      It' official name is republic of India . India is also know as Bharat or Hindustan
2.      It lies in southern Asia.
3.      India lies on 7th number in terms of area.
4.      It stands on 2nd number in term of population after china.
5.      According to latest Census , 1.2 Billion people reside in India and is Still growing.
6.      India is the biggest Democracy in the world.
7.      It is surrounded by 3 water bodies , Indian Ocean in South  , Arabian Sea on South West , Bay Of Bengal in South East.
8.      Pakistan , China , Nepal , Bhutan , Myanmar and Bangladesh are its International Neighbours.
9.      India is the birthplace of Ancient Indus Valley Civilization .
10.   Hinduism , Sikhism , Jainism and Buddhism originated from India.
11.   Indian Army is the 3rd largest army in the world.
12.   It has 28 states and 7 union Territories.
13.   India is a peace making country . India has never started war with any country from its side for the last 10000 years of history.
14.   Zero , A very important digit of number system was invented by Aryabhatta .
15.   India has largest number of  mosques than any other country or any  islamic country.
16.   Chess originated from India.
17.   It has the longest Constitution of the world.
18.   Indian constitution was handwritten by the drafting committee . No prints were involved.
19.   Some aspects of Indian constitutions are adopted from French Constitution.
20.   It is written in both Languages , English and Hindi.
21.   Indian constitution is also known as Bag of Borrowings.
22.   Within 62 years , It went through 94 amendments .
23.   Indian constitution was build in 2 years 11 months and 18 days.
24.   Indian Army is the 3rd largest army in the world after USA and China .
25.   The Value of "Pie" was calculated by an Indian Mathematician named "Baudhayana" .
26.   In 700 BC , first University in India was Started in Takshila.
27.   Indian Rail network is the second largest Rail network in the world.
28.   Taj mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world and It is located In India.
29.   Indian Road Network is the Longest Road Network in India.
30.   There are 22 languages that are officially recognised in India.
31.   Indian Movie Industry-"Bollywood" , Is the largest Film Industry In The World.
32.   Hotmail - A Popular email service - was invented by an Indian named Sabeer Bhatia.
33.   India produces around 12 million tons of mangoes every year.
34.   People of the Indus Valley civilization which originated from India were the first to grow cotton in the world.
35.   National Animals of India is Bengal Tiger. It is an endangered animal.
36.   Peacock is the National bird of India.

37.   Largest city of India is Mumbai with the population of 15 million people.