Write a letter to your Mother on Mother's Day

8A, Heaven colony,
M.G. Road,
Mumbai - 400017.
13th February, 2013.

Dear Mom,

I love you Mom. I miss you a lot since I came to hostel for my studies. You are the greatest gift ever given to me by God. Though you are not highly educated in the formal sense, but you are well cultured, very kind and sympathetic. I had been inspired by you in every moment of my life.

In this mother day I want to thank you mom, for your deeds. But I knew very well that a merely thanks or any valuable gifts given to you will not equalize your deeds. But I'm sending my heartily kisses to you 'mom'. I think you will like this other than anything else. In this world I had been with everyone in the last 20 years but I had been with you for more than that of 10 months (i.e.) from the time you conceived me. So, our relation is beyond than everyone else.

I will always be thankful to you 'mom' in my life time. I love you crores of times and miss you a lot in this one week.

Your loving son,


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