God help those who help themselves.

There are students who don’t study all through the year and then one day before the examination they go to the temple, make offerings and perform pooja and think that God will answer their prayers and give them a good result in the examination. Such students will find, much to their dismay, that God does not help shirkers. He only helps those who help themselves.
There is the story of a scientist who worked for years in order to find out the cause of malaria. He had performed hundreds of experiments and almost given up hope. The he prayed and fell asleep. The next morning he woke up with a new idea in his hand. He tried it out and lo and behold!, he had found the cure for malaria. Thus we see that God helps only those who helps themselves. This is because God has given us all talents, attributes and the thinking power to achieve what we want. After being given all these, why should we again rely on God to achieve success? We should rely on the gifts that God has given us to make progress in life, rather than on God to do it for us.

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