OMTEX CLASSES: Spot the errors in the following passages and rewrite it

Spot the errors in the following passages and rewrite it

Passage 1

Recently in Oklahoma City, Pat Roughen, a watchmen, deposit 50 cents in a City Hall vending machine and reach in to get a candy bar. When the machine catch his hand, he pull out his pistol and shoot the machine twice. The second shot sever some wires, and he got his hand out.

Passage 2

Mr. Theodore Dunnet, of Oxford, England, run amok in his house in December of 1972. He ripped the telephone from the wall, thrown a television set and a tape-deck into the street, smash to bits a three-piece suite, kicked a dresser down the stairs, and torn the plumbing out of the bath. He offer this explanation for his behavior: "I was shock by the over-commercialization of Christmas." Commercialization of Christmas was the answer to his behavior.

Passage 3

Some very remarkable adults are known to have experience quite unremarkable childhoods. English author G.K. Chesterton, for instance, could not read until the age of eight, and he usually finish at the bottom of his class. "If we could opened your head," one of his teachers remark, "we would not find any brain but only a lump of fat." Chesterton eventually become a successfull novelist. Similarly, Thomas Edison was label a "dunce" by one of his teachers, and young James Watt was called "dull and inept." SO these remarkable people had unknown childhoods.

Passage 4

Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa is most famous portrait in the history of painting. Leonardo took four years to completed the painting: he begun work in 1503 and finish in 1607, Mona (or Madonna Lisa Gherardini) was from a noble family in Naples, and Leonardo may have paint her on commission from her husband. Leonardo is said to have entertain Mona Lisa with six musicians. He install a musical fountain where the water play on small glass spheres, and he give Mona a puppy and a white Persian cat to play with. Leonardo did what he could to keep Mona smiling during the long hours she sit for him. But it is not only Mona's mysterious smile that has impress anyone who has ever view the portrait: the background landscape is just as mysterious and beautiful.Thus, both the mysterious beauty and background astonish people. The portrait can be seen today in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Passage 5

A bank teller in Italy was jilted by his girlfriend and decide the only thing left to do was kill himself. He stolen a car with the idea of crashing it, but the car broken down. He steal another one, but it was too slow, and he barely dent a fender when he crashed the car into the tree. The police arrive and charge the man with auto theft. While being questioned, he stab himself in the chest with a dagger. Quick action by the police officers saved the man's life. On the way to his cell, he jumped out through a third-story window. A snowdrift broken his fall. A judge suspends the man's sentence, saying, "I'm sure fate still has something in store for you."

Passage 6

On cold, wet morning, my class was filled with excitement. Someone  have discover  that the next day was our teacher's birthday. We all were very excited. Our teachers was the kindest person that ever  exist. Thus it  is no surprise she was the favourite teacher  to the pupils. Everyone  want to get her a present. I, very much wanted to shown any appreciation too. That afternoon, I  spends the whole afternoon  shop for a present. After a long search, I finally made  on my mind. The next day I  gived her a bouquet of beautifull roses and she exclaimed with pleasure.

Passage 7

Every year on September, the Magellanic penguins return to land  beyond the sea to mate. This extraordinary happening occur year after year. Each pair of mating birds return to the same spot every- time. The adult penguins left their home to search for food from sea. The adult penguins search for food.The chicks needed plenty of food for survival. Many die from starvation. Some are ate by foxes, seagulls  nor armadillos. Wildlife biologists fear that these penguins could be in danger of extinction.

Passage 8

One of the wonders of the ancient world is a group of three pyramids known as Khufu, Khafra and Menkaura. It is located on Giza near Cairo. The Pyramids are the only wonder still  exists. Khufu, the largest pyramid, was  name after the king  which built this pyramid. Its original height was  estimating at 482 feet. It had  then reduced to 450 feet. A total of 2.3 million blocks  had been used to  built this pyramid. Today, the pyramids  attracts thousands of tourists every  ear. Tourist come to see the pyramids.

Passage 9

Varanas:  are locate on the north eastern part of India. Hindu pilgrims go to there to purify their souls. To the Hindus Varanas is  a holiest pilgrimage center  to all. Thousends of pilgrims visit this wholly city every year. Pilgrims come here every year. As early as four o'clock in the morning the pilgrims are seen  make their way to the famous bathing steps known as Gatz. From there they board row boats to the holy river, Ganges. By this time, pilgrims have already bathing in the holy river.  In doing this the pilgrims believe their sins  shall be  wash away.