Discuss the Conservation of Foreign Exchange and Prevention of Smuggling Activities (COFEPOSA), Foreign Exchange Regulation Act (FERA) and National Security Act (NS).

The country got rid of the prevention detention only for a dried period of one year i.e. is in 1970. However the parliament passed a new act baked the maintenance of internal security act (known as MISA) in 1971, which empowered the union and state government to detain without trial any person so as to prevent him from acting in a harmful manner towards the security of the country.

The COFEPOSA act of 1974 and FERA also provided for prevention. The COFEPOSA is an economic counter part to the MISA. The MISA was enacted to prevent subversive activities where as the COFEPOSA aims at anti-social activity like smuggling and racketing foreign exchange MISA expired in 1978 but COFEPOSA is still in force.

The MISA of 1971 was followed by The National Security Act of 1980 (NSA). It was applicable to the entire country except the state of Jammu & Kashmir. The act provides for the detention of a personal in certain cases.

Features of the NSA include:

- Central and State government has the power to detain people on certain grounds.
- No one can be detained for more than three months.
- Retaining authorities must submit their reports to the State and Central Government.
- Maximum period for detention is 12 months.
- There can be temporary release on bail for a detained person.