OMTEX CLASSES: Social Responsibility of Business.

Social Responsibility of Business.

1. Businessmen are _____________ of the society.

(Representatives, Members, Trustees)

2. In modern business environment, __________________ provides more opportunities and challenges.

(Privatization, Globalization, Specialization)

3. Business organization should try to make ____________ utilization of natural resources.

(minimum, maximum, optimum)

4. Business is a ________________ activity.

(socio – economic, service, profit making)

5. Location of industries should be in ________________ zones.

(Residential, Industrial, Commercial)

6. For economic growth and national security, _____________ stability is required.

(Political, Social, Natural)

7. Business organization is a part of _____________

(Industry, Government, Society)

8. To make timely payment of proper taxes is the responsibility of organization towards _____________________

(Shareholders, Customers, Government)

9. Ultimate goal of business must be satisfaction of ___________

(Shareholders, Consumers, Owners)

10. To maintain industrial peace is the responsibility of organization towards ________________

(Customers, Employees, Society)

11. Business or organization should protect health and provide safety measures to _______________

(employees, shareholders, Society)

12. To maintain safety of investment is responsibility of business towards _________

(community, investors, employees)

13. Business organisation can maximize profitability by ____________ wastage.

(Ignoring, utilizing, Minimizing)

14 . Business should provide periodic information to __________

(Customers, Owners, Employees)

15. Business ethic refers to the system of ____________ principles.

(Economic, Social, Moral)

16. Business Ethics is a _______________ structured examination of behaviour of people.

(Moral, Critical, Economical)

17. Business organization should not create ______________ profit.

(Reasonable, Secret, Maximum)

18. Business organization should avoid creation of ________________

(Trade unions, Consumer's cell, Monopoly)

19. Environmental Management System is mandatory in _______________

(India, USA, China)

20. Environmental Management System which provides guidelines for incorporating eco – design is ______________________

(ISO 14001 – 2004, ISO 14005 – 2010, ISO 14006 – 2011)