OMTEX CLASSES: Principles of Management

Principles of Management

1. 14 principles of Management are developed by ______________

(F.W. Taylor, Henry Fayol, Peter Drucker)

2. Management Principles influence __________

(human behaviour, organization, government)

3. Concentration of power of authority is stated in the principles of ________

(Centralization, Remuneration, Equity)

4. According to the principles of ____________ all employees should be given same treatment.

(Authority, Discipline, Equity)

5. Technique of study of ________________ concentrates on the body movements of the worker.

(Motion, Time, Organization)

6. F.W. Taylor is called as the father of _________________ management.

(Modern, Scientific, Technical)

7. Principle that focuses on complete change in the attitude of the employees is known as the principle of __________

(attitude change, scientific management, mental revolution)