OMTEX CLASSES: Functions of Management

Functions of Management

1. Planning is ________________

(Advanced Function, Basic Function, End Function)

2. Division of work is involved in at __________________ function.

(Planning, Organizing, Directing)

3. Directing is initiated _____________ level.

(Top, Middle, Lower)

4. Staffing function is a _________________ activity.

(Basic, Continuous, Neutral)

5. A process to establish harmony among different activities to achieve desired results is _____________

(controlling, co – ordinating, co – operation)

6. The last function in managerial process is ________________

(co – ordinating, controlling, motivating,

7. Unification, integration and synchronization of the efforts of group members so as to achieve common goals is a ___________ function.

(planning, organizing, co – ordinating)

8. Staffing is concerned with _______________

(Physical factor, Financial factor, Human Factor)

9. Controlling measures the _______________ of actual performance from the standard performance and helps in correction action.

(Action, Deviation, Objective)

10. Directing is a responsibility of _________________ at all levels.

(Manager, Worker, People)

11. Physical, financial and human resources to develop productive relationship is a _______________________ function.

(Organizing, Directing, Staffing)

12. Deciding in advance as what is to be done, when it is to be done and who is to do it is __________________ function of management.

(Planning, Organizing, Controlling)