OMTEX CLASSES: Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurship Development

1. The word 'entrepreneur' is derived from the ____________ word 'entreprende'
(Japanese, English, French)

2. 'Entreprende' means to _______________________
(undertake, enterprise, businessman)

3. The oxford English dictionary defines an entrepreneur as the _______________ of a business.
(Secretary, employee, director)

4. The term entrepreneur was first used by ______________
(J. Schumpeter, R. Cantilon, A.H. Cole)

5. 13 functions of an entrepreneur were enumerated by _______________
(J. Scumpeter, R. Cantilon, Kilby Peter)

6. The inner urge of a person to do something is ______________
(initiative, hard work, creativity)

7. Entrepreneurial __________________ is measured in terms of the individual's attitude towards opportunity recognition.
(Value, attitude, Motivation)

8. The basic element of the process of ________________ is motive, behaviour and goal.

(Value, Motivation, Attitude)