MARKS : 80      TIME : - 3 HRS.

Q.1 (A) Select the correct answer form the possible options given below and rewrite the statements:                        5 Marks

1.    An increase in income leads to __________ (Increase in Consumption and decrease in Saving, Decrease in Consumption and Increase in Saving, Increase in consumption and saving, Decrease in Consumption and saving,  
2. _______ is the lender of the last resort. (SBI, ICICI, HSBC, RBI)
3. The demand for salt is _____ (Elastic, Inelastic, Infinite elastic, Unitary elastic)
4. Reward obtained by entrepreneur is known as _________ (Rent, Wages, Interest, Profit)
5. Individual demand is the purchasing by _______ buyers. (Some, All, One, Two)

(B) Match the correct Pairs:                                                                                                                                                    5 Marks

Group A
Group B
1. Super Normal Profit (8)
2. Real Capital (1)
3. Plastic Money (7)
4. E- Banking (6)
5. Central Bank (3)

1.     Physical capital in Production Process
2. Flat Money
3. Clearing House
4 Monopolistic Competition
5. Telephone
6. Internet
7. Debit Cards
8. Monopoly. 

(C) State whether the following statements are True or False:                                                                                       6 Marks

1.      Under perfect competition, price is determined by equilibrium of demand and supply. (True)
2. Micro economics given an overall view of the economy. (False)
3. Rent is the reward for Capital. (False)
4. Money facilitates estimation of national income. (True)
5. Credit money is created by central bank of a country. (False) 

Q.2 (A) Define or Explain the following concepts: (Attempt any Three)                                                                             6 Marks

       (B) Give Reasons or Explain the Statements: (Attempt any Three)   6 Marks

1.       Macro economics is also known as income and employment theory.
2.       Overdraft facility is provided to current account holders.
3.       A central bank may take 'Direct Action' against the defaulting commercial banks.
4.       In balanced budget, Government Receipts equals Government Expenditure.
5.       Monopoly is a price taker.
6.       OMO are effective in influencing the credit supply.

Q.3 (A) Distinguish Between: (Attempt any Three)   6 Marks

3.       Saving V/S Consumption
5.       Export V/S Import.

       (B) Write Short Notes: (Attempt any Two)    6 Marks

1.       Features of Land.

Q.4 Answer the following questions: (Attempt any Three)   12 Marks

Q.5 Do you agree or disagree with the following statements. Give reasons (Attempt any three)                  12 Marks

Q.6 Answer in Detail: (Attempt Any Two)  16 Marks

3.       Features of Labour?