Write a letter to your friend describing the ‘sports Day’ in your school.

7G, Rainbow colony,
M. G. road, Dharavi,
Mumbai- 17.
26th December 20013

Dear kumar,

The reason why I haven’t written to you for so long is that I was busy preparing for School Sport day     Which was held on 23rd of this month. Our team came up to the finals of the 4x400 m relay and   Were practising. the great day dawned and I was quite nervous. So were my  teammates. I, being the captain, had to hide my fears and allay theirs. Only the finals of the various events were held on this day. The meet began at 8 a.m. sharp with the march past and salute to the school flag. The individual events were very exciting and many of my friends won. When our turn came I sent up a silent prayer, flexed my muscles and got ready to go.

I was the runner of the final lap. Our second lap runner, Girish, dropped the baton and los a few precious seconds. But I put my everything into the final lap of the race and, believe it or not, we won!

What a day! The prize distribution in the evening was like music to my ears. I will give you more details later.

Season’s greetings to all at home.

Your loving friend,


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