There was a splendid celebration of Republic Day in your school

There were a number of programs such as flag hoisting , sports competitions , cultural activities , etc . Prepare a report in about 20 lines for your school magazine .

Republic Day at Model  School

Jalgoan , January 28 : This year , the Republic Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm  at Model School.  It was a special occasion because Virat Kohli was to be felicitated for winning the target – shooting gold medal at the Police Academy .

          The National Flag was unfurled at 7-30.a,.m. by the Chairman of School Management . The National  Anthem was played by the school band while everyone stood respectfully to attention . Meena Rawat from Std . II then recited a poem  ‘ Mera Hindustan ‘. She was excellent despite her tender age . Then Saurav Rane , a student from Std . X spoke on ‘ Why I am proud to be an Indian ‘. Saurav is a good speaker and was notably impressive that day . The Principal in his adress emphasized the need to uphold the democratic ideals .

          Virat Kohli was given the award amidst loud cheering .

          Sweets were distributed and the gathering dispersed after the singing of the National Song .

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