Modern modes of Communication?

During the last few years many modes of communication have been developed. With the help of these medium messages can be communicated to other places quickly, safely and confidentially. These services are two types:

1.       Courier Services: -A Courier is a person or company who delivers messages, packages and mail. Courier are different from ordinary mail services by features such as speed, security, tracking, signature, specialization of express services and swift delivery times. As a premium services, courier are usually more expensive than usual mail services. The world's largest courier companies are DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS and Aramex.

2.       Electronic Services: -Technological development has made it possible to exchange messages with the help of many electronic services. The sending of a message has never been easy as in the case with electronic services. The popular electronic services are as follows:

a.       Fax: -It refers to that electronic machine through which a written message can be sent to any part of the world at the utmost speed. This service is available for all the 24 hours. The written message reaches its destination the moment it is inserted in the fax machine.

b.       Internet: -The information technology has covered a long distance and reached a stage when the whole world seems to have confined itself in a single room.
The popularity of the Internet is growing every day. The simple reason for it is that the amount of information received through it is very large. It has the capacity to satisfy the needs of the children, the youth and the old.

E-mail: -E-mail is that system of electronic letter exchanging in which through the medium of internet the messages are exchanged on the computer. The message can be long as well as short. With regard to e-mail messages, the immediate presence of the receiver is not necessary. The messages kept on gathering on the computer of the receiver. We can look at them, read them and get them printed whenever we desire. We may keep them stored in his computer or erase them.