Traditional means of Transport?


Introduction: -Transport is possible through land, air, and water, which are called as different modes of transport. On land, we use trucks, tractors, etc. to carry goods, train, bus, cars to carry passengers. In air transport we have aero planes, helicopters to carry passengers as well as goods. In water transport, we have ships, cargo, etc. to carry goods and passengers. All these are known as different means of transport.

Initially, there were traditional means of transport available which are as follows:

1.        Walking: -People used to cover long distances on foot. Walking still continues as an important means of transport in rural areas. MMRDA has commenced the constructions of more 50 skywalks as a part of the Mumbai sky walk project.

2.       Palanquin: -Palanquin also known as Palkis, were one of the luxurious methods used by the rich and noblemen for travelling. In the past, it was used to carry a deity or idol of the god. Modern use of the palanquin is limited to Indian wedding and pilgrimage.

3.        Bullock Carts and Horse Carriages: -These were traditionally used for transport, especially in rural India. Today, they are used in smaller towns and are referred as Tonga or Buggies. Victorias of Mumbai are still used for tourist purpose.

4.       Bicycles: -Bicycles are a common means of travel in most part of India. Along with walking cycling accounts for 50% to 75% of usage in rural areas. India is the second largest producer of bicycles in the world. Pune is the first city in India to have dedicated lanes for cycles. It was built for the 2008 Commonwealth Youth Games.

5.       Hand Puller: -This type of transport is still available in Kolkata wherein a person pulls the rickshaw by hand. The government of West Bengal proposed a ban on these rickshaws in 2005 describing them as "inhuman".

6.       Trams: -During British Era, Trams was introduced in many cities including Mumbai and Kolkata. They are still in use in Kolkata and provide an emission-free means of transport.