Explain any two rights of consumers?

In India, the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) was passed in 1986 and it came into force from 1st July 1987.
Following are some of the rights of Consumers:

1.        Right to Safety: -The consumer should be protected against goods and services which are hazardous to health. For e.g protection from defective vehicles, inferior electrical appliances, harmful pesticides. Etc.

2.        Right to be informed: -The consumer must be provided with accurate information about quality, purity, price, quantity and the standard of the goods and services.

3.        Right to Choose: -Consumers have the tight to make a choice from variety of goods and services as per their purchasing power and preferences.

4.        Right to be heard: -Consumers have the right to be heard by manufacturers and dealers about their opinions on production.

5.        Right to consumer Education: -The consumer must know about the relevant laws to prevent unfair trade practices and to follow the procedure while making complaint.