The River Nile was the life of ancient Egypt. It still is.

Read the given extract carefully and complete the following:

The River Nile was the life of ancient Egypt. It still is. Every spring, when the snow melted in the mountains, the Nile rose in flood and spilled across the fields, not only watering them, but leaving fertile coat of mud.

The pharaohs or kings of ancient Egypt left many wonderful monuments which we can still see today. The pyramids and the sphinx are the most famous of these. There are three large pyramids at Giza. The biggest, built for Khufu, was about 147 metres tall and was made from 2.3 million blocks of stone! Each pyramid took about 20 years to build.

The ancient Egyptians believed that when a person was alive, he or she had three souls. When the person died, the three souls would die too and not go to the next world if the body was not kept as it was. That is why they tried to keep the bodies of the pharaohs by ‘embalming’ them with oil and salt and wrapping them with bandages to create a ‘mummy’

Life in Egypt

River Nile : ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Pyramids and Sphinx: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The Mummy: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


River Nile : It is the river of Egypt overflowed during spring and made the banks fertile.

The Pyramids and Sphinx: Very famous all over the world, three pyramids at Giza, took 20 years to build. The biggest is 147 metres tall and contains 2.3 million blocks of stone.

The Mummy: The bodies of the pharaohs were embalmed with oil and salt and wrapped in bandages to keep them in tact, so that their souls could go to the next world.

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