You are the sports secretary of your school. Write a letter to a sports dealer asking for information regarding sports items that your school wishes to purchase.

New Model English school,
Nanded- 431601.
5th Jully 2013

The Manager,
Great Games Store,
Ambika Bazaar,
Nanded- 43602.

Subject: Enquiry regarding sports items to be purchased by our school

Dear sir/ Madam,

Our school has recently formed a sports club, and we wish to make the following purchases:
(1) Two complete cricket kits: bats, balls, wickets (stumps), bails, pads, gloves, etc.
(2) Thirty hockey sticks and five hockey balls.
(3) Five footballs.
(4) Ten badminton rackets and two dozen shuttlecocks.

Kindly send us information about the price, discount for schools, time taken for delivery and the mode of payment.

We should appreciate it if you could send us your latest calelogue.

We need these items urgently and look forward to an early reply.

Yours faithfully,


Sports Secretary,
(N.M.E School, Nanded)

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