You are a member of a joint family. Write a letter to your friend telling him/her about the advantages of a joint family.

7G, Rainbow Colony,
M.G.Road, Dharavi,
2nd February 2014

Dear hiren,

You had asked me some questions in your last letter. Here are the answers.

You know that we live as a joint family. Besides father, mother, Neena, baby Dhruv and myself, there are my grandparents too. We have a two-bedroom house and it is quite sufficient for our needs.

Having grandfather and grandmother with us is a great feeling. They help in the buying of stores for the home. Grandmother helps in the cooking. Grandfather does the paying of bills. Both of them help us with our studies. Grandmother tell us stories at night. Both of them perform pooja in the morning we children join in. their presence in our home has a very soothing and positive effect. I cannot imagine living without them at all. Sometimes I visit friends who have large houses, and barely four members living in them. I do believe that they miss something and their lives must indeed very lonely.

I know that you live in the village and you have an even larger joint family system there. I am sure you will have a lot more to tell me about the advantages of a joint family set-up. Do let me know in your next letter.

Give my regards to all at home.

Lots of love,


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