Conversation between two friends regarding Money matters happiness.

Friend One: Hi, Today I studied an important article in the newspaper regarding Money and Happiness.

Friend Two: Your statement sounds great. Tell me more about it.

Friend One: A new study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology highlights that people are often mistaken in how spending our money might benefit our lives.

Friend Two: I am not understanding it.

Friend One: Listen, If you have more money it does not mean you are happy. You have to earn the happiness in a meaningful and purposeful manner.

Friend Two:  Explain me more about it.

Friend One: In this latest study the researchers show that people predict that buying material possessions will be a better use of money than spending instead on life experiences.

Friend Two: My own research has also illustrated that we probably don’t spend our money on the things most beneficial for well-being.

Friend One: How to spend our money is not the only choice we have – we also have choices as to how we should live our lives and whether in fact we should spend so much time and energy pursuing money in the first place.

Friend Two: One reason is that people don’t care about how much money they have per se, but care more about the social position that their income gives them.

Friend One: Yes I have under stood and experienced that, increases in an individual’s income won’t necessarily equate to a growth in social standing. 

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