OMTEX CLASSES: Commerce II Case Study

Commerce II Case Study


KB Bank provides loan to customers on interest on reducing balance system.This reduces monthly payment burden on loan customers.Recently bank installed a new software CALCULUS for calculation of customer’s EMI’s.It proved to be a costly decision,the software not only gave wrong figures but also was non functional in peak hours.Inspite of repeated complaints the bank neither improved nor replaced the software.Many customers transferred loans to other banks.The others sought legal help for grievances.The loan department which was usually flooded with fresh loan applications,is now full with legal notices. To resolve the issue the bank immediately called a ‘Emergency Meeting’of loan executives to repair the damage.The outcome was fruitfull within three weeks grievances were settled.Bank also sent apology letters to customers.Soon legal notices were replaced by peaceful agreements.Majority of the bank customers retained their loyalty and happily reunited with their preferred bank.

Bring out the problems created by CALCULUS software

In what way the Emergency meeting helped the bank.


GS corporation is a reputed name in customer service and quality IT usually keeps database of every transaction with central database of mumbai near its headoffice every week. Like any usual weekday the Delivery person Mr Hegde was handed over the task of taking the CD back up from headoffice and store in database system at Thane,unforunately he misplaced the same in the mad train rush,but had the courage to say the truth in the board meeting of same day.The board just told to be careful in future but immediately informed the client Kicksson Ltd that their data has been lost and they are free to impose any penalty on the company.The client got furious not only it cancelled the deal but also reported in newspapers about the loss created by GS corporation.This way many clients backed out the company but many new and big clients like Tata Infotech also joined learning about transparent policy of company to deliver true informationt o customer.Now GS corporation is a happy vendor for the biggest IT company inIndia all due to its fair dealings.

Q.1 Is it right to just let go Mr Hegde for the mistake.?

Q.2 Do you think company benefited by its truthful policy to customers?